About us

Welcome to Nurturing Touches baby massage.

We are the premier baby massage company in the High Peak district.

Our aim is to offer high quality training and information to new parents in the field of baby massage for children aged between 6-8weeks and 12 months.

 I run 5 or 10 week courses as private sessions in my home or your home with pricing as follows:

£10 per session discounted to £40 for block booking of 5; or discounted to £90 for block booking of 10.

Additionally, evening sessions are also available to fit around your baby’s bedtime routine in your own home if preferred.

These are priced at £25 per session to cover transport costs to your own home. Discounted to £100 for block booking of 5 sessions; or  discounted to £225 for block booking of 10 sessions.

We also offer new caregivers support sessions in breastfeeding and are available to chat in Frydays Cod and Cake Cafe in Whaley Bridge the first Mondays of the month commencing 5th June 1-3pm.

(Please note – Hosting of these meetings is free but food & drink will be available at prices set by the café).

See location map for directions.

There will be 5 Car parking parking spaces available in the Holy Trinity Church car park on Buxton Road, Whaley Bridge. These will be priced at £1.50 per session. To reserve one of these spaces, please use the contact details below.

What is Baby Massage?

Are you a new parent, a grandparent or looking after a baby? Let me tell you about baby massage.

Baby massage is a recommended therapeutic practice which is soothing and bonding for both child and caregiver. You’ll learn to understand your baby’s non-verbal cues so the baby and yourself develop strong,  confident attachment –  equipping you both to explore the world together and apart!

It is the best way to simply demonstrate loving care for your baby.

Baby massage strengthens the immune system helping babies and children to become strong, healthy individuals; and it can also address some of the challenges faced by caregivers who have children with special needs. It soothes minor ailments such as wind, colic, constipation or teething.

Research also shows it has benefits for all bodily systems.

It is also a recommended practice for alleviating post natal depression.

The benefits of baby massage include: 

– Enhancing bonding & attachment
– Understanding non-verbal cues from your baby
– Helps with/establishes sleep patterns
– Strengthens immune system
– Soothes and comforts baby
– Soothes minor ailments such as wind, colic, constipation
– Increases weight gain
– Helps alleviate post-natal depression

For further reading, please see the following articles:

‘How a simple tummy rub can change babies’ lives (BBC)’

‘Infant Massage: Understanding the evidence base’

British Medical Journal (Vol.3, No.3): Infant Massage: The practice and evidence base to support it

Meet the owner

Christine Lomas Marshall

Owner & Founder

Hi, my name’s Christine.

I am a retired general nurse with experience in children’s nursing and  experience working as a Staff nurse with a health visiting team.

I have volunteering experience with Breast Mums during which I encouraged and supported breastfeeding. 

I’m also a qualified baby massage instructor trained through the Centre of Excellence certified by the Complementary Medicine Association.

I’m also a Mum &  Grandma with experience of Baby Massage and Children’s massage with my own family!

Our Locations

Frydays Cod & Cake

131 Buxton Rd,
Whaley Bridge,
High Peak,
SK23 7HX


If you have any enquiries, feel free to get in touch via any of the following: 

Landline: 01663734829
Mobile: 07947849167
Email: [email protected]


Testimonial #1

I practiced nurturing touch with my 3 little ones and it resulted in calm, contented babies who gained weight and slept well at early ages throughout the night.

Testimonial #2

I practiced baby massage with all of my children and as they grew I trained in massage and used it at intervals throughout their childhood. My children are now older and are healthy, strong and vibrant individuals. I believe that baby massage played a huge part in this.